ISO 5667-12:2017

Water quality -- Sampling -- Part 12: Guidance on sampling of bottom sediments from rivers, lakes and estuarine areas

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Valid from 18.07.2017
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ISO 5667-12:2017 provides guidance on the sampling of unconsolidated sediments for the determination of their geological, physical and chemical properties, as well as the determination of biological, microbiological and chemical properties at the water and sediment interface. Guidance on achieving sediment cores is given specifically for the measurement of rates of deposition and detailed strata delineation. The main emphasis of this document is to provide methods that achieve sediment samples. The environments considered are - limnic (rivers, streams and lakes, natural and man-made), and - estuarine, including harbours. Industrial and sewage works for sludges, paleolimnological sampling and sampling of open ocean sediments are specifically excluded from this document (and are addressed in ISO 5667-15), although some techniques may apply to these situations. Sampling of suspended solids is outside the scope of this document and reference can be made to ISO 5667-17 for such guidance.
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