ISO 7304-1:2016

Durum wheat semolina and alimentary pasta -- Estimation of cooking quality of alimentary pasta by sensory analysis -- Part 1: Reference method

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Valid from 08.03.2016
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ISO 7304-1:2016 sets out a method for estimation by sensory analysis of the cooking quality of alimentary pasta. Estimation takes place through the evaluation of the following: - firmness, by chewing; - liveliness, by manual handling; - starch release, by manual handling. The method does not express a preference and only gives an estimate relating to the evaluation of the cooking of the pasta; it does not apply to small pasta shapes usually consumed in soups. NOTE This method can be applied to all forms of alimentary pasta produced from durum wheat and to products made from common wheat or a mixture of common wheat and durum wheat as long as the appropriate national regulations allow these raw materials to be used in alimentary pasta. ISO 7304-1:2016 has been specifically designed to establish the reference method with a view to the development, approval or monitoring of instrumental or practical methods of sensory analysis.
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