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prEN ISO 19014-2

Earth-moving machinery - Functional safety - Part 2: Design and evaluation of hardware and architecture requirements for safety-related parts of the control system (ISO/DIS 19014-2:2024)

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ISO/DIS 19014-2; prEN ISO 19014-2
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prEN ISO 19014-2
This document specifies general principles for the development and evaluation of the machine performance level achieved (MPLa) of safety-control systems (SCS) using components powered by all energy sources (e.g. electronic, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical) used in earth-moving machinery and its equipment, as defined in ISO 6165.
The principles of this document apply to machine control systems (MCS) that control machine motion or mitigate a hazard; such systems are assessed for machine performance level required (MPLr) per ISO 19014-1 or ISO/TS 19014-5.
Excluded from the scope of this document are the following systems:
—    awareness systems that do not impact machine motion (e.g. cameras and radar detectors);
—    fire suppression systems, unless the activation of the system interferes with, or activates, another SCS.
Other systems or components whereby the operator would be aware of failure (e.g. windscreen wipers, head lights, etc.), or are primarily used to protect property, are excluded from this document. Audible warnings are excluded from the requirements of diagnostic coverage.
In addition, this document addresses the significant hazards as defined in ISO 12100 mitigated by the hardware components within the SCS.
This document is not applicable to EMM manufactured before the date of its publication.

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