CEN/TS 16071:2010

Interoperability of Flight Data Processing (Air Traffic Control - Air Traffic Control) for application under the Single European Sky - Interoperability Regulation EC 552/2004

Kehtiv alates 04.10.2010
CEN/TS 16071:2010
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This Technical Specification is for the production of conformity evidence for FDP-FDP ground-based system interoperability which has to be declared by the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) before putting FDP-systems into service. This Technical Specification defines the Technical, Operational and Maintenance requirements for Flight Data Processing (ATC-ATC) system interoperability. Flight Data Processing (FDP) interoperability between ATC units is a key element to facilitate and harmonise Flight Data systems data exchanges and critical to the functioning of a harmonised European Air Traffic Management system. FDP Interoperability can be achieved by the use of different techniques appropriate to the operational need, e.g. message exchange, replication mechanisms and data sharing. The architectural framework in which the different actors have to inter-operate is of major importance to define the context in which the European Standards have to be developed. For a systematic solution to certain flight data inconsistency problems currently existing in Europe, the definition of a Flight Object (FO) is required to become a conceptual single point of reference for flight data to be used by stakeholder systems. Interoperability of FDP (ATC-ATC) includes coordination and transfer; correlation and surveillance, facilitation of optimum routes; MTCD and resolutions; recovery support; ground-ground situation awareness and traffic management. Any software elements related to the software assurance level of a FDP System are outside of the scope of the present document. Although a consensus can be reached on the present state of the art in FDP interoperability, this state of the art is not mature enough to be put into a European Standard (EN). The European Committee for Standardisation thus resolved to record the obtained technical consensus as the present Technical Specification, with informative status. The present document thus does not give legal presumption of conformity to any piece of European legislation.
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