EVS-EN 16009:2011

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Kehtiv alates 03.08.2011
EN 16009:2011
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This European Standard specifies the requirements for flameless explosion venting devices used to protect enclosures against the major effects of internal explosions arising from the rapid burning of suspended dust, vapour or gas contained within. It includes the requirements for the design, inspection, testing, marking, documentation, and packaging. This standard is applicable to flameless explosion venting devices which are put on the market as autonomous protective systems. Explosion venting devices are protective systems comprised of a pressure sensitive membrane fixed to, and forming part of, the structure that it protects. They are designed to intervene in the event of an explosion at a predetermined pressure, to immediately open a vent area sufficient to ensure that the maximum pressure attained by an explosion within the enclosure does not exceed the maximum pressure the structure is designed to withstand. Flameless explosion venting devices typically consist of an explosion venting device in combination with a flame quenching element to avoid the transmission of flames into the surroundings. They are used to allow explosion venting in situations where otherwise the hazards of flames and pressure resulting from the venting would harm personnel or damage structures. The application and specification of explosion venting devices is outlined for dust explosion protection in EN 14491 and for gas explosion protection in EN 14994. This European Standard covers the flameless explosion venting of dust, vapour and gas explosions. This European Standard does not cover details for the avoidance of ignition sources from detection devices or other parts of the flameless explosion venting devices.
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