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EVS-EN 16194:2023

Mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins - Requirements of services and products relating to the deployment of cabins and sanitary products


Kehtiv alates 03.07.2023
EN 16194:2023
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This document applies to mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins system.
It specifies the requirements for services related to the provision of toilet cabins and the relevant requirements for toilet cabins and sanitary products, taking into account comfort, hygiene, health and safety.
It specifies the minimum quality requirements for toilet cabins and sanitary products, as well as the extent of on-site service and the required disinfection and the number of toilet cabins to be provided. It also determines the frequency of use, the maximum number of uses per toilet cabins, the locations and the intervals for on-site service or disposal of faecal water.
This document is applicable to the framework of activities carried out in the following sectors:
—  construction and extractive industries, opencast or underground;
—  public events and recreational activities, festivals and concerts;
—  agriculture, labour camps and temporary work camps;
—  beaches;
—  emergencies;
—  military tactical and training exercises.
There are other types of mobile toilet cabins which are not connected to a sewage system (e.g. dry toilets, composting toilets, incinerations toilets, vacuum toilets, or other technologies and processes) and which are not covered by this document.
This document establishes a system to ensure that mobile sanitation facilities for waste disposal are available not only in the workplaces but wherever there are no waste disposal systems connected to a sewerage network.
This document is directed at manufacturers, services providers' companies and publics or private cabin hirers of toilet cabins not connected to a sewage network.

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