EVS-EN 618:2002

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EN 618:2002
Tegevusala (ICS grupid)
53.040.10 Konveierid
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This standard deals with the technical requirements to minimise the risks due to the hazards listed in clause 4, which can arise during operation and maintenance of mechanical handling equipment defined in clauses 3.1 to 3.3 and which are designed for continuously conveying bulk materials from the loading point(s) to the unloading point(s).In general, it also applies to equipment which are built into machines or attached to machines. This standard deals with the technical requirements for EMC. The standard does not apply to : - continuous handling equipment and systms for open-cast lignite mining ; - continuous handling equipment and systems for underground mining ; - tunnel digging and excavating machines ; - bulk material processing or classification machines such as grinders, crushers, screens ; - fixed belt conveyors for bulk materials. These are covered by the standard EN 620:2002; - fixed pneumatic handling equipment. These equipment and systems are covered by the standard EN 741 ; - the interface between the machinery dealt with in this standard and the fixed belt or pneumatic conveyor. This standard does not give the additional requirements for : a) use in public areas or for man-riding ; b) floating, dredging and ship mounted equipment ; c) conveyors requiring a high level of cleanliness for hygiene reasons, e.g. in direct contact with foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals ; d) transportation of the equipment ; e) hazards caused by vibration ; f) use in ambient air temperature below 20 °C and above + 40 °C
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