EVS-EN 620:2021

Pidevtoimega teisaldusseadmed ja -süsteemid. Ohutusnõuded puistmaterjalide lintkonveieritele

Kehtiv alates 15.10.2021
EN 620:2021
Tegevusala (ICS grupid)
53.040.10 Konveierid
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1.1 This document deals with the technical requirements for stationary belt conveyors and systems as defined in 3.1 to 3.2.4, designed for continuously conveying loose bulk materials. The covered phases of life cycle are design, setting, operation, maintenance and cleaning. 1.2 This document does not cover: a) use in coal mining and open cast lignite mining; b) use for man-riding; c) floating, dredging and ship mounted structures supporting the conveyor; d) biological and chemical hazards resulting from handling foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals; e) the design of the supporting structure which is not part of a conveyor; f) the effects of wind; g) hazards resulting from handling specific hazardous materials, (e.g. explosives, radiating material); h) hazards resulting from contact with or inhalation of harmful fluids, gases, mists, fumes or dust; i) biological and micro-biological (viral or bacterial) hazards; j) hazards caused by the use of ionising radiation sources; k) conveyors fitted with a moving belt with other than a continuous rubber or polymeric surface for the conveying medium; l) hazards associated with the integration of belt conveyors with other machinery; The safety requirements of this document apply to equipment and systems placed on the market after the date of publication of this document. NOTE Directive 2014/34/EC concerning equipment and protective systems intended for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres can be applicable to the type of machine or equipment covered by this European Standard. The present document is not intended to provide means of complying completely with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 2014/34/EC.
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