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EVS-EN IEC 61010-031:2023

Ohutusnõuded elektrilistele mõõtmis-, juhtimis- ja laboratooriumiseadmetele. Osa 031: Ohutusnõuded käeshoitavatele ja käsitsi manipuleeritavatele sondikoostetele elektrilisteks katsetusteks ja mõõtmisteks


Kehtiv alates 01.06.2023
EN IEC 61010-031:2023; IEC 61010-031:2022
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EVS-EN 61010-031:2015/A1:2021
EVS-EN 61010-031:2015/A11:2021
IEC 61010-031:2022 specifies safety requirements for hand-held and hand-manipulated probe assemblies for electrical test and measurement, and their related accessories. These probe assemblies are for non-contact or direct electrical connection between a part and electrical test and measurement equipment. They can be fixed to the equipment or be detachable accessories for the equipment. It has the status of a group safety publication in accordance with IEC Guide 104. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2015, and Amendment 1:2018. IEC 61010-031 is a stand-alone standard. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
- the scope has been made succinct. General information from the scope of Edition 2 has been moved to a new Clause 4. Consequently, Clause 4 to Clause 8 of Edition 2 have been renumbered. Clause 9 of Edition 2 has been deleted;
- in Clause 2, normative references have been dated and new normative references have been added;
- in 3.1.4, the definition of probe tip has been modified;
- in 4.1, there is no longer any differentiation between high voltage and low voltage probe assemblies. Type C probe assemblies have been merged with Type B probe assemblies;
- in 4.1 d) "Kelvin" probes have been added to the list of probe assemblies as a new Type E and a new Figure 5;
- in 4.1 e), probes for voltage measurement without electrical connection to conductors have been added to the list of probe assemblies as a new Type F and a new Figure 6;
- in 4.2.1, spread of fire is no longer considered as a hazard;
- Subclause from Edition 2 has been deleted;
- Subclause from Edition 2 has been deleted;
- in consideration has been given to spacings and impedance;
- in 6.1.1, removable parts of probe tips which bear markings are allowed;
- in 6.1.5, the voltage to be marked for measurement categories is the AC line-to-neutral or DC voltage;
- in 7.4.2, requirements for unmated connectors have been modified as follows:
- Table 2 has been modified and expanded,
- a calculation method for clearances of connectors above 20 kV has been defined,
- creepage distances have been aligned with clearances;
- in and, requirements for IP2X probe tips with retractable sleeve have been added;
- in, Probe tips are now applicable to non-contact probe assemblies;
- in, the values of Table 5 have been modified

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