EVS-EN ISO 12215-7:2020

Väikelaevad. Kerekonstruktsioon ja dimensioneerimine. Osa 7: Mitmekereliste ja nende prusside kandevõime määramine ISO 12215-5 abil

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ISO 12215-7:2020; EN ISO 12215-7:2020
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This document defines the dimensions, local design pressures and global loads acting on multihull craft with a hull length (LH) or load line length of up to 24 m (see Note). It considers all parts of the craft that are assumed watertight or weathertight when assessing stability, freeboard and buoyancy in accordance with ISO 12217 (all parts). Scantlings corresponding to the local design pressures are then assessed using ISO 12215-5. NOTE The load line length is defined in the OMI "International Load Lines Convention 1966/2005", it can be smaller than LH for craft with overhangs. This length also sets up at 24 m the lower limit of several IMO conventions. This document is applicable to multihulls built from the same materials as in ISO 12215-5, in intact condition, and of the two following types: - recreational craft, including recreational charter vessels; - commercial craft and workboats. It is not applicable to multihull racing craft designed only for professional racing. This document is applicable to the structures supporting windows, portlights, hatches, deadlights and doors. For the complete scantlings of the craft, this document is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 12215-8 for rudders, ISO 12215-9 for appendages of sailing craft and ISO 12215-10 for rig loads and rig attachment in sailing craft. ISO 12215-6 can be used for additional details. Throughout this document, unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in (m), areas in (m2), masses in (kg), forces in (N), moments in (Nm), Pressures in (kN/m2) (1 kN/m2 = 1 kPa), stresses and elastic modulus in (N/mm2) (1 N/mm2 = 1 MPa).
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