ISO 3864-2:2004

Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Part 2: Design principles for product safety labels

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ISO 3864-2:2004 establishes additional principles to ISO 3864-1 for the design of safety labels for products, i.e. any items manufactured and offered for sale in the normal course of commerce, including but not limited to consumer products and industrial equipment. The purpose of a product safety label is to alert persons to a specific hazard and to identify how the hazard can be avoided. ISO 3864-2:2004 is applicable to all products in all industries where safety-related questions can be posed. However, it is not applicable to safety labels used for chemicals, for the transport of dangerous substances and preparations, and in those sectors subject to legal regulations which differ from certain provisions of this document. The design principles incorporated in ISO 3864-2:2004 are intended to be used by all ISO Technical Committees and anyone designing product safety labels in the development of product safety label standards for their industries or services. Statutory or regulatory requirements in some countries may differ from some requirements given in ISO 3864-2:2004. To facilitate international standardization of product safety labels, ISO 3864-2:2004 should be considered when revising regulations. IMPORTANT -- The colours represented in the electronic file of ISO 3864-2:2004 can be neither viewed on screen nor printed as true representations. Although the copies of ISO 3864-2:2004 printed by ISO have been produced to correspond (with an acceptable tolerance as judged by the naked eye) to the colour requirements, it is not intended that these printed copies be used for colour matching. Instead, refer to the colorimetric and photometric properties specified in ISO 3864-1:2002 and ISO 3864-2:2004. As guidelines, references from colour order systems are provided in ISO 3864-2:2004 for safety colour orange and ISO 3864-1:2002 for other safety colours.
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