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Maintenance of facilities

Standards package of maintenance of facilities includes the following standards:

EVS 807:2016 Maintenance of facilities. Provision of facilities management services (in Estonian)

EVS 910:2017 Procurement documents for property maintenace and their preparing guide (in Estonian)

EVS 914:2012 Cleaning quality – System for establishing and assessing cleaning quality (in Estonian)

EVS-EN 15221-2:2006 Facility Management - Part 2: Guidance on how to prepare Facility Management agreements

EVS-EN 15221-3:2011 Facility Management - Part 3: Guidance on quality in Facility Management

EVS-EN 15221-4:2011 Facility Management - Part 4: Taxonomy, Classification and Structures in Facility Management

EVS-EN 15221-5:2011 Facility Management - Part 5: Guidance on Facility Management processes

EVS-EN 15221-6:2011 Facility Management - Part 6: Area and Space Measurement in Facility Management

EVS-EN 15221-7:2012 Facility Management - Part 7: Guidelines for Performance Benchmarking

EVS-EN 15341:2019 Maintenance - Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

EVS-EN 15331:2011 Criteria for design, management and control of maintenance services for buildings
EVS-EN ISO 41001:2018 Facility management - Management systems - Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 41001:2018)
EVS-EN ISO 41011:2018 Facility Management - Part 1: Terms and definitions

EVS-EN ISO 41012:2018 Facility management - Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements

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