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CEN/TS 15901-8:2009

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Road and airfield surface characteristics - Part 8: Procedure for determining the skid resistance of a pavement surface by measurement of the sideway-force coefficient (SFCD): SKM

This Technical Specification describes a method for determining the wet-road skid resistance of a surface by measurement of the sideway-force coefficient SFCD. The method provides a measure of the wet-road skid resistance properties of a bound surface by measurement of sideway-force coefficient at a controlled speed. This Technical Specification covers the operation of the sideway-force Coefficient Machine (SKM) developed in Germany. The SKM skid resistance measurement technique determines the sideway-force acting on a particular, angled wheel. The SKM measurement technique has been developed for Network-wide measurements of skid resistance during road monitoring and assessment of pavement surfaces on German federal motorways and highways. It is also applicable to skid resistance measurements for road construction contracts. The skid resistance of a pavement is determined by friction measurements and measurements of pavement texture. Where measurement of pavement texture is required the standard for this measurement and the device is described in EN ISO 13473-1.

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