CEN/TS 15209:2021

Tactile paving surface indicators produced from concrete, clay and stone

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Valid from 31.12.2021
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CEN/TS 15209:2021
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This document specifies the method of measurement and acceptance criteria for the dimensions for surface profile features and patterns for the surface of pedestrian paving units, used to convey information for visually impaired people. It applies to paving units made of concrete, clay and stone where the tactile profiles are monolithic with the unit. The surface profiles are intended to be applied to units manufactured to EN 1338, EN 1339, EN 1341, and EN 1344 which can be square or rectangular as specified by the designer. It does not specify dimensions of a single tactile paving layout or profile but proposes ranges within which these dimensions should fall. Default dimensions are given in the absence of a national requirement. This document proposes methods of measurement of profiles, light reflectance and colour but does not specify requirements for these characteristics. These properties will be decided by the designer taking into account the regulations, codes of practice, and guidance in the place of use of the units. It does not specify material characteristics.
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