CLC IEC/TS 60079-47:2021

Explosive atmospheres - Part 47: Equipment protection by 2-wire intrinsically safe Ethernet concept (2-WISE)

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Valid from 03.08.2021
Base Documents
IEC/TS 60079-47:2021; CLC IEC/TS 60079-47:2021
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This part of IEC 60079, which is a technical specification, specifies requirements for the construction, marking, and documenting of apparatus, systems and installations for use with the 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet concept (2-WISE). The physical layer specification for 2-wire Ethernet 10BASE-T1L is defined in IEEE 802.3cg 2-WISE is the 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet concept for advance physical layer (APL), designed to simplify the examination process for components and cable Entity Parameters within APL segments. This is achieved by defining universal Entity Parameter limits for APL ports, according to location and type of hazardous atmosphere, and listing a concise set of rules for the segment setup. The requirements for construction and installation of 2-WISE apparatus and systems are included in IEC 60079-11, IEC 60079-14, and IEC 60079-25, except as modified by this technical specification. Parts of a 2-WISE apparatus may be protected by any Type of Protection listed in IEC 60079-0 appropriate to the EPL for the intended use. In these circumstances, the requirements of this technical specification apply only to intrinsically safe circuits of the apparatus.
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