EVS-EN 12309-1:2023

Gas-fired sorption appliances for heating and/or cooling with a net heat input not exceeding 70 kW - Part 1: Terms and definitions

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Valid from 15.06.2023
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EN 12309-1:2023
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1.1  Scope of EN 12309
Appliances covered by this document include one or a combination of the following:
-  gas-fired sorption chiller;
-  gas-fired sorption chiller/heater;
-  gas-fired sorption heat pump;
-  hybrids based on gas sorption appliances.
This document applies to appliances designed to be used for space heating or cooling or refrigeration with or without heat recovery.
This document applies to appliances having flue gas systems of type B and C (according to EN 1749) and to appliances designed for outdoor installations. EN 12309 does not apply to air conditioners, it only applies to appliances having:
-  integral burners under the control of fully automatic burner control systems,
-  closed system refrigerant circuits in which the refrigerant does not come into direct contact with the water or air to be cooled or heated,
-  mechanical means to assist transportation of the combustion air and/or the flue gas.
The above appliances can have one or more primary or secondary functions (i.e. heat recovery).
In the case of packaged units (consisting of several parts), this standard applies only to those designed and supplied as a complete package.
The appliances having their condenser cooled by air and by the evaporation of external additional water are not covered by EN 12309.
Installations used for heating and/or cooling of industrial processes are not within the scope of EN 12309.
All the symbols given in this text are used regardless of the language used.
1.2  Scope of this Part 1 of EN 12309
This part of this document specifies the terms and definitions for gas-fired sorption appliances for heating and/or cooling with a net heat input not exceeding 70 kW.
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