EVS-EN 13142:2021

Ventilation for buildings - Components/products for residential ventilation - Required and optional performance characteristics

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Valid from 03.05.2021
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EN 13142:2021
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This document specifies and classifies the component/product performance characteristics, which may be necessary for the design, rating and dimensioning, placing on the market of residential ventilation products and systems to provide the predetermined performance, comfort conditions of temperature, air velocity, humidity, hygiene and sound in the occupied zone. It defines those performance characteristics (mandatory or optional) which shall be determined, measured and presented according to relevant test methods. It provides a classification scheme, which leads to a full definition of product properties based on test methods described in various EN Standards, and gives an overview of the test standards. Distinction between mandatory and optional requirement is left to each European and national regulations. The codification part in Annex B and the classification part in Clause 8 apply to the following products: - unidirectional mechanical supply and exhaust residential ventilation units according to EN 13141-4:2021, EN 13141-6:2014 and EN 13141-11; - ducted mechanical bidirectional residential ventilation units according to EN 13141-7:2021; - non-ducted mechanical bidirectional residential ventilation units according to prEN 13141 8:2020. This document does not apply to other products such as filters, fire dampers, ducts, control devices and sound attenuators, which may also be incorporated in residential ventilation. This European Standard specifies in Annex ZA and Annex ZB the requirements of EU 1253/2014 and EU 1254/2014 for residential ventilation units below 1 000 m3/h air volume flow. This European Standard does not cover requirements raised by European Directives (e.g. low voltage directive, EMC directive) and other requirements such as corrosion, reaction to fire and snow penetration.
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