EVS-EN 14637:2007

Building hardware - Electrically controlled hold-open systems for fire/smoke door assemblies - Requirements, test methods, application and maintenance

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Valid from 08.01.2008
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EN 14637:2007
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This European Standard specifies requirements, methods of test and performance criteria against which the compatibility of components and their performance can be assessed when used in combination to form an electrically controlled hold-open system. It also specifies requirements for the integrity of such hold-open systems when connected to fire detection and fire alarm systems or other systems, including the signal exchange and technical data for interfaces. This European Standard provides requirements for the application of electrically controlled hold-open systems used for fire/smoke doors in buildings, where such doors are required to be self-closing. It covers planning, design (see Annex A), installation (see Annex B), commissioning, use and maintenance (see Annex E) of hold-open systems, intended for the protection of life and/or the protection of property. This may also include hold-open systems, or components of the hold-open system, that are self-contained in a single enclosure. Electrically controlled hold-open systems manufactured, installed and serviced in accordance with this European Standard are recommended for use wherever there is a requirement for reliable hold-open and release of an individual self-closing fire/smoke door assembly in the case of fire.
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