EVS-EN 16430-1:2015

Fan assisted radiators, convectors and trench convectors - Part 1: Technical specifications and requirements

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Valid from 04.02.2015
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EN 16430-1:2014
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This European Standard defines the technical specifications and requirements of fan assisted radiators, convectors and trench convectors for permanent installation in central heating systems which are factory assembled or kits. This European Standard covers fan assisted radiators and convectors fed with water at temperatures below 120 °C, supplied by a remote heating source. This European Standard also applies for radiators and convectors according to EN 442-1 to determine their dry cooling capacity. This European Standard does not apply to discrete heating appliances. This European Standard also defines the additional common data that the manufacturer is to provide to the trade in order to ensure the correct application of the products. This European Standard applies to the testing for the determination of thermal output and dry cooling capacity of - fan assisted radiators and convectors, provided the heater/cooler has a dedicated fan or fans; - trench convectors with and without fan(s), provided the fan(s) are dedicated; - ventilation radiators and convectors (only heating); - not fan assisted radiators and convectors (only cooling).
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