EVS-EN 16856:2020

Portable aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing purposes

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Valid from 04.05.2020
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EN 16856:2020
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Standard history
This draft European Standard specifies the characteristics, performance and test methods for extinguishing aerosol dispensers, in accordance with Directive 75/324/EEC, for fire extinguishing purposes. Requirements in this draft Standard are specified for products containing less than 1 kg or 1 l of extinguishing media, which can be expelled by the action of internal pressure and are intended to extinguish test fires of type A + B, or type A + F, or type A + B + F classes of EN 2. These extinguishing aerosol dispensers are intended to be used by untrained persons for domestic applications. They are not intended to be used on gas fires (class C) and metal fires (class D). Requirements are specified for minimum performance in Annex I for extinguishing test fires of type A, type B and type F classes of EN 2, as appropriate. Annex A gives the conditioning treatment to be applied to extinguishing aerosol dispensers prior to testing as described in Annex B to Annex K.
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