EVS-EN 16943:2017

Foodstuffs - Determination of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur and zinc by ICP-OES

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Valid from 02.06.2017
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EN 16943:2017
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This European Standard describes a method for the determination of minerals and trace elements in foodstuffs using optical emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES) after pressure digestion. This method has been validated in an interlaboratory study according to ISO 5725 [1] on children's food soya, cheese, chicken meat, wheat flour, apple juice, lobster and milk, with calcium ranging from 70 mg/kg to 7178 mg/kg, with copper ranging from 0,60 mg/kg to 16,40 mg/kg, with iron ranging from 0,88 mg/kg to 77 mg/kg, with potassium ranging from 605 mg/kg to 14 312 mg/kg, with magnesium ranging from 45 mg/kg to 1 174 mg/kg, with manganese ranging from 0,44 mg/kg to 5,12 mg/kg, with sodium ranging from 11 mg/kg to 2 220 mg/kg, with phosphorus ranging from 72 mg/kg to 9 708 mg/kg, with sulfur ranging from 26 mg/kg to 8 542 mg/kg and with zinc ranging from 0,16 mg/kg to 43,5 mg/kg.
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