EVS-EN 61000-5-7:2002

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 5-7: Installation and mitigation guidelines; Degrees of protection by enclosures against electromagnetic disturbances (EM code)

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Valid from 01.01.2003
Base Documents
IEC 61000-5-7:2001; EN 61000-5-7:2001
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This part of IEC 61000 describes performance requirements, test methods and classification procedures for degrees of protection provided by empty enclosures against electromagnetic disturbances for frequencies between 10 kHz and 40 GHz. The shielding performance is to be measured prior to the installation of internal electrical and/or electronic equipment and components. This shielding protection is measured for the purpose of demonstrating that the enclosure provides adequate shielding of electromagnetic energy to support acceptable performance of the complete assembled units when tested to applicable IEC standards. However, it should be noted that satisfactory performance of an empty enclosure does not necessarily ensure that the completed units will pass all EMC performance test standards for the operating equipment (see discussion in annex A). The purpose of this standard is to provide a repeatable means for evaluating the electromagnetic shielding performance of empty mechanical enclosures, including cabinets and subracks, and to specify a marking code to allow a manufacturer to select an enclosure with a known capability for attenuating electromagnetic fields. The requirements for immunity to various types of electromagnetic disturbances, including lightning and high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) will need to be considered by manufacturers when determining the need for application of this standard for specific equipment and applications, and for the specific enclosure shielding requirements which are necessary as a function of frequency. The adoption of the classification system in this standard will, whenever possible, promote uniformity in methods of describing the protection against electromagnetic stresses provided by the enclosure. This includes protection of equipment inside the enclosure from external electromagnetic stresses, as well as protection of external equipment from internally generated electromagnetic stresses. Technical Committees responsible for enclosures may decide on the extent and manner in which the classification defined in this standard is used in their standards and to define “enclosure” as it applies to their equipment. However, the tests and performance categories must not differ from those specified in this standard. An informative guide for the details to be specified in relevant enclosure product standards is given in annex B.
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