EVS-EN IEC 62788-2-1:2023

Measurement procedures for materials used in photovoltaic modules - Part 2-1: Polymeric materials - Frontsheet and backsheet - Safety requirements

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Valid from 16.10.2023
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IEC 62788-2-1:2023; EN IEC 62788-2-1:2023
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This document specifies the safety requirements for flexible polymeric frontsheet and backsheet constructions, which are intended for use as relied upon insulation in photovoltaic (PV) modules. In accordance with the corresponding safety requirements in IEC 61730-1 on the PV module level, the test methods and specifications in this document define the specific requirements of the polymeric frontsheet or backsheet constructions on the component level and cover mechanical, electrical, visual and thermal characterization in an unexposed state and/or after ageing.
A polymeric frontsheet and backsheet must pass the requirements in this standard for a PV module to pass the design requirements of IEC 61730-1. Compliance with the safety requirements for a frontsheet or backsheet on the component level does not replace the need for a safety qualification of the complete PV module, in which the frontsheet or backsheet is integrated. The appropriate requirements for testing and qualification on the PV module level are defined in IEC 61730-1 (or IEC TS 62915 in case of retesting) and IEC 61215-1, with test methods provided by IEC 61730-2 and IEC 61215-2, respectively.
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