EVS-EN IEC 63112:2021

Photovoltaic (PV) arrays - Earth fault protection equipment - Safety and safety-related functionality

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Valid from 01.09.2021
Base Documents
IEC 63112:2021; EN IEC 63112:2021
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This document is applicable to low voltage Photovoltaic Earth-Fault Protection Equipment (PVEFPE) whose function is to detect, interrupt, and warn system operators of earth faults in solar photovoltaic arrays. NOTE 1 In the context of this document, the PV array may include connected wiring and equipment. The required coverage of the monitoring and protection is defined in PV installation codes and standards, including aspects such as whether or not the coverage is required to include battery circuits, the DC outputs of DC-DC converters, etc. NOTE 2 The IEC definition of low voltage is 1 000 V or less for AC systems and 1 500 V or less for DC systems. PV-EFPE may be stand-alone or integrated into other equipment such as PV power conversion equipment, a PV combiner, etc. This document specifies: - the types and levels of the monitoring and protection functions that may be provided; - the nature and timing of responses to earth faults; - test methods for validating the monitoring and protection functions provided; - requirements for functional safety and fault tolerance; - requirements for product safety including construction, environmental suitability, markings, documentation, and testing.
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