EVS-EN ISO 12567-1:2010

Thermal performance of windows and doors - Determination of thermal transmittance by the hot-box method - Part 1: Complete windows and doors

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Valid from 04.10.2010
Base Documents
ISO 12567-1:2010; EN ISO 12567-1:2010
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This part of ISO 12567 specifies a method to measure the thermal transmittance of a door or window system. It is applicable to all effects of frames, sashes, shutters, blinds, screens, panels, door leaves and fittings. It is not applicable to - edge effects occurring outside the perimeter of the specimen, - energy transfer due to solar radiation on the specimen, - effects of air leakage through the specimen, and - roof windows and projecting products, where the external face projects beyond the cold side roof surface. NOTE For roof windows and projecting units, see the procedure given in ISO 12567-2. Annex A gives methods for the calculation of environmental temperatures.
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