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EVS-EN ISO 23387:2020

Building information modelling (BIM) - Data templates for construction objects used in the life cycle of built assets - Concepts and principles (ISO 23387:2020)

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Valid from 03.08.2020
Base Documents
ISO 23387:2020; EN ISO 23387:2020
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Standard history

This document sets out the principles and structure for data templates for construction objects. It is developed to support digital processes using machine-readable formats using a standard data structure to exchange information about any type of construction object, e.g. product, system, assembly, space, building etc., used in the inception, brief, design, production, operation and demolition of facilities.
This document provides the specification of a taxonomy model that defines concepts from ISO 12006-3:2007, i.e. objects, collections and relationships between them, to support the information need for the specific purpose of the data template.
This document provides an EXPRESS specification with extensions of the EXPRESS-G notation and specification from ISO 12006-3:2007. These extensions have been provided to support market needs developed since the publication of ISO 12006-3 in 2007.
This document provides the rules for linking between data templates and IFC classes within a data dictionary based on ISO 12006-3:2007.
This document provides the rules for linking between data templates and classification systems within a data dictionary based on ISO 12006-3:2007.
The target audience of this document is software developers and not construction industry domain experts appointed to create data templates based on sources describing information needs.
It is not in the scope of this document to provide the content of any data templates. The data structure provided is intended to be used for developing specific data templates based on standards developed in ISO/IEC, CEN/CENELEC, national standardization organizations, or other sources describing information needs.

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