ISO 24678-7:2019

Fire safety engineering -- Requirements governing algebraic formulae -- Part 7: Radiation heat flux received from an open pool fire (Corrected version 2019-06)

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Valid from 20.03.2019
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The requirements in this document govern the application of a set of explicit algebraic formulae for the calculation of specific characteristics of radiation heat flux from an open pool fire. This document is an implementation of the general requirements provided in ISO 16730-1 for the case of fire dynamics calculations involving a set of explicit algebraic formulae. This document is arranged in the form of a template, where specific information relevant to the algebraic formulae is provided to satisfy the following types of general requirements: a) description of physical phenomena addressed by the calculation method; b) documentation of the calculation procedure and its scientific basis; c) limitations of the calculation method; d) input parameters for the calculation method; and e) domain of applicability of the calculation method. Examples of sets of algebraic formulae meeting the requirements of this document are provided in Annexes A and B. Annex A contains a set of algebraic formulae for radiation heat fluxes from a circular or near-circular open pool fire. Annex B contains formulae for configuration factors of a flame to a target.
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