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prEN 18049-1

Wells for water extraction - Part 1: Design

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prEN 18049-1
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prEN 18049-1
The document covers all aspects which are relevant for the design of all kinds of water wells abstracting from or injecting water to the groundwater or for groundwater observation.
This document does not apply to horizontal wells and closed loop geothermal systems. The document defines design requirements of water wells for public and private users in
accordance with groundwater protection goals. It gives guideline for all planning steps from
preliminary to final executive project design.
This document specifies a sequential method for designing a well. Based on the hydrogeological
conditions and the objectives of the well, a step-by-step process of dimensioning the
well is defined. This methodology includes dimensioning of the drilling, filter packs, sealing and
screen. Furthermore, selection of appropriate materials, the pump and all other additional well
equipment is established. With regard to the planning process references are provided to drilling
methods, geophysical well logging, well development and pumping tests.

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