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prEN 1991-1-1

Eurocode 1 - Actions on structures - Part 1-1: Specific weight of materials, self-weight of construction works and imposed loads on buildings

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prEN 1991-1-1
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prEN 1991-1-1
(1) EN 1991-1-1 gives rules on the following aspects related to actions, which are relevant to the structural design of buildings and civil engineering works including some geotechnical aspects:
-  specific weight of construction materials and stored materials;
-  self-weight of construction works;
-  imposed loads for buildings.
(2) Mean values for specific weight of specific construction materials, additional materials for bridges, stored materials and products are given. In addition, for specific materials and products the angle of repose is provided.
(3) Methods for the assessment of the characteristic values of self-weight of construction works are given.
(4) Characteristic values of imposed loads are given for the following areas in buildings according to the category of use:
-  residential, social, commercial and administration areas;
-  areas for archive, storage and industrial activities;
-  garage and vehicle traffic areas (excluding bridges);
-  roofs;
-  stairs and landings;
-  terraces and balconies.
NOTE  The loads on traffic areas given in this standard refer to vehicles up to a gross vehicle weight of 160 kN. Further information can be obtained from prEN 1991-2:2021.
(5) Characteristic values of horizontal loads on parapets and partition walls acting as barriers are provided.
NOTE  Forces due to vehicle impact are specified in EN 1991-1-7 and prEN 1991-2:2021.
1.2  Assumptions
(1) The general assumptions of FprEN 1990:2022 apply.
(2) EN 1991-1-1 is intended to be used with EN 1990, the other Parts of EN 1991 and the other Eurocode parts for the design of structures.

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