EVS-EN 9133:2018

Aerospace series - Quality Management Systems - Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Products

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EN 9133:2018
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1.1 General This document defines a system for the qualification of standard products for aviation, space, and defenc applications. It defines the principles that shall be adhered to when carrying out product qualification; applied in conjunction with the rules and procedures of the CA. The system enables the CA to confirm compliance is achieved and maintained, in accordance with the requirements of its product definition and associated controlling technical specifications by an Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) of standard products. This document requires an OCM that has been granted product qualification approval to ensure applicable approvals are maintained and renewed in accordance with the CA’s quality system for that qualified product. OCMs and OCM designated Value Added Distributors (VADs) requesting product qualification to this standard, shall as a prerequisite, maintain EN 9100 standard quality management system certification approval. This certification shall be visible in the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database. 1.2 Application The application of this document will be mandated either in the product standard or its controlling technical specifications. When invoked, the OCM wanting to produce aerospace standard products will need to gain qualification approval from an aerospace CA. The processes defined herein will be performed impartially for the benefit of the aerospace industry, by the CA, to ensure continued compliance of standard products to the requirements defined in their controlling technical specifications. OCMs will need to ensure they allow sufficient lead-time to complete this process to gain product approval from the CA to support/satisfy their customer delivery requirements. Qualified products using this process shall not be supplied or used without qualification approval and a valid Product Qualification Certificate (PQC) being granted.
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