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IEC TR 61000-2-15:2023

Electromagnetic compatibility - Part 2-15: Description of the characteristics of networks with high penetration of power electronic converters


Kehtiv alates 24.02.2023
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IEC TR 61000-2-15: 2023 which is a Technical Report, addresses in particular the following main phenomena, which affect the power quality in modern distribution systems with high penetration of power electronics converters. As some aspects of the subject have already been addressed in the past, considering the evolution of the LV and MV networks, this document focuses on the following aspects:
-  resonances in the network, modelling and on-site validation;
-  supraharmonics and measurements issues;
-  impact of increased number of power electronic converters;
-  stability and instability issues for the equipment to be connected
The target phenomena and conditions of this document are the following:
-  frequency: ≤ 2 kHz, 2 kHz to 9 kHz, ≥ 9 kHz;
-  voltage levels: LV, MV;
-  harmonic sources: all types of converters (EV battery chargers, appliances, etc.…).
Some of these frequency ranges have already been standardized in some countries (Japan, Germany, Switzerland, etc.), but the resulting phenomena developed will benefit being described in more details, with a focus on the interaction between the converters and the electrical networks. The case of the presence of a large number of converters is also at stake. Some complex phenomena can also arise when the full system is not stable anymore. NOTE Whereas it is expected that the models and derived calculations form this document can be applied to the Americas electrical systems its formal validation studies are still pending.

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