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Natural gas pipeline systems - Pipelines for maximum operating pressure over 16 bar - General requirements for design

This standard establishes uniform design requirements for steel gas pipelines with operating pressure over 16 bar to assure the reliability of usage, safety of people, protection of environment and prevention of accidents. This standard’s method for determining the safety zone can be used to calculate the safety zone of constructions which will be built near an existing gas pipeline with operating pressure over 16 bars after the technical condition of the existing pipeline has been examined. When determining the safety zone for an existing gas pipeline with operating pressure over 16 bar, technical conditions and standards that were used during the construction of the pipelines should be considered.

Changes from previous version:

Võrreldes eelmise väljaandega sisaldab see standard järgmisi olulisi muudatusi: — ajakohastatud normiviited; — lisatud terminitele ingliskeelsed vasted ning uued terminid kaitsevöönd (3.12) ja ohutuskuja (3.13); — redigeeritud üldtingimuste peatükki ning lisatud jaotised 4.4 kuni 4.8; — ohutuskuja rakenduse ulatust on jaotises 5.12 täpsustatud; — jaotise 8.4 tabelis 3 on elektriõhuliinide ohutuskujad viidud vastavusse standardiga EVS-EN 50341-2-20; — jaotisesse 14.1 on lisatud standard EVS-EN 12068.

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