EVS 846:2021

Draining system inside buildings

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Valid from 01.06.2021
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Standardi uustöötluses on muudetud sademevee arvutusaluseid Eesti Maaülikooli uurimustöö kohaselt. Sademevee arvutusalused on ühildatud standardiga EVS 848. Täiendatud on kanalisatsiooni arvutusaluseid ning lisatud kanalisatsiooni paigaldusskeemid. Lisades on korrigeeritud arvutusnomogramme sademeveele ja reoveele. Täiendatud on nõudeid kanalisatsioonisüsteemide õhutusele. Standard on ajakohastatud kogu ulatuses.
Standard history
This standard applies to draining system inside buildings. Draining system inside buildings is defined as pipelines connected to sewer points including additional equipment (valves, pumping stations, cleaning covers) up until the external wall of the building and possible pretreatment facilities. Definition for building and outside drainage is presented in Figure 1. This standard does not apply to discharge rates from the operation or testing of fire water systems . Requirements for handling discharge from fire water system (for example fire elevators) are described in EVS 812-8. This standard does not apply to soil dewatering systems. Requirements of the standard need to be followed when designing, installing and testing new systems and while reconstructing existing drainage systems. All Figures in the standard are examples. Technical solutions that are presented on the Figures are not mandatory and do not exclude other possible solutions. All deviations from the standard need to be justified and described in the design.
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