EVS-EN 50440:2015

Efficiency of domestic electrical storage water heaters and testing methods

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Valid from 05.01.2016
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EN 50440:2015
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This European Standard specifies methods for measuring the performance of electric storage water heaters for the production of sanitary hot water for household and similar use. The object is to state and define the principal performance characteristics of electric storage water heaters and to describe the test methods for measuring these characteristics. NOTE 1 This standard does not apply to; - storage water heaters that use electricity as a secondary source of heating the water; - storage water heaters that do not use a tank to storage hot water - electric storage water heaters that do not meet the minimum (or maximum) output performance of the smallest (or biggest) load profile, as defined in Table 4. NOTE 2 This standard does not specify performance or safety requirements. For safety requirements see EN 60335-1 in conjunction with EN 60335-2-21.
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