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EVS-EN 14366-1:2023

Laboratory measurement of airborne and structure-borne sound from service equipment - Part 1: Application rules for waste water installations

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Valid from 01.08.2023
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EN 14366-1:2023
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This document characterizes waste water or rain water piping systems as airborne sound source and structure-borne sound source using the same method as the one described in EN 15657 for characterizing building service equipment. It therefore applies to equipment installed in any type of buildings (heavy or lightweight).
This document:
-  specifies laboratory measuring methods for determining the input data required for both comparing products and materials, and predicting sound levels in buildings using EN 12354 5. These input quantities are the piping system sound power level for airborne sound and three quantities for structure-borne sound (piping system free velocity, blocked force and mobility), from which the piping system installed power, source input for EN 12354 5, is determined;
-  specifies the method for the measurement of the equipment airborne sound power;
-  only considers piping systems connected to one supporting building element in a first step;
NOTE  Simultaneous structure-borne transmissions to wall and floor are more difficult to handle. In the configurations proposed in this document, the piping system is only connected to one supporting element and mechanically decoupled from the other elements.
-  includes configurations of vertical pipes with offset (deviated horizontally) connected to walls and horizontal pipes connected to ceilings, for which the measuring method is the same as the one defined for straight vertical pipes connected to walls. These complementary configurations are described in (normative) Annex A;
-  specifies laboratory test procedures for determining the performance of mitigation measures such as pipe enclosures (technical shaft) and pipe lining. The corresponding specifications are given in (normative) Annex B;
-  defines the expression of the results for use in comparing products and materials and for use as input data for prediction; however, the Single Number Quantities used to compare products cannot be used as a prediction or proof of compliance with requirements in a building;
-  indicates a method to transform the quantities measured according to EN 14366:2004+A1:2019, to the quantities used in this document; however, the calculated values cannot be used as certified values obtained by test, but only for comparison with new tests. This method is given in (informative) Annex C.
This document is applicable to waste water piping systems and parts thereof, but not to the actual sources of waste water, e.g. lavatories, toilets and bathtubs or any active units, which are considered separately in EN 12354 5 and are characterized separately. It applies to pipes with natural ventilation and made of any common material in commonly used diameters (up to 150 mm).

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