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ISO 4982:2023

Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground conveyance and storage of non-potable water — Arch-shaped, corrugated wall chambers made of PE or PP used for retention, detention, storage and transportation of storm water systems — Product specifications and performance criteria

General information

Valid from 27.06.2023
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Standard history

This document gives the definitions and specifies the minimum requirements for injection moulded and thermoformed thermoplastics corrugated arch-shaped chambers, including integral components, used in underground systems for retention, detention, transportation and storage of non-potable water (e.g. storm water) and manufactured from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).
These chambers are intended for buried underground use in one horizontal layer, e.g. in landscape, pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas.
In the case of retention and detention systems, the main purpose of the chambers is to retain water, for later infiltration in the ground or for later use in non-potable applications (irrigation, cleaning, sanitary facilities, etc.) or to detain water during a storm, transferring it in a controlled way to the public storm water network.
Applications include commercial, residential, agricultural and highway drainage, including installation under parking lots and roadways.
Product performance is determined by a combination of material specification, product design and manufacturing process.
These chambers are intended to be used as elements in a modular system where the manufacturer has provided a clearly documented method specifying how the components are assembled to create a complete retention, detention, storage or transportation system.

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226.82 € incl tax
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