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EVS-EN 13697:2023

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Quantitative non-porous surface test for the evaluation of bactericidal and yeasticidal and/or fungicidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas without mechanical action - Test method and requirements without mechanical action (phase 2, step 2)


Kehtiv alates 15.11.2023
EN 13697:2023
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EN 13697 outlines a test method for chemical disinfectants and sets forth the minimum criteria for their bactericidal and yeasticidal/fungicidal activity. The standard applies to disinfectants that create a physically stable preparation in hard water or, for ready-to-use products, with water. It is applicable in various settings, including food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas, but excludes situations where disinfection is medically required, and products used on living tissues.

EN 13697 applies to products used for disinfecting non-porous surfaces without mechanical action.

It is applied to:

—  processing, distribution and retailing of food of animal origin like milk and milk products, meat and meat products, fish, seafood and products, eggs and egg products, and animal feeds.

—  food of vegetable origin like beverages, fruits, vegetables and derivatives (including distilleries and sugar refineries), flour, milling and baking, and animal feeds.

—  institutional and domestic areas like catering establishments, public areas, public transports, schools, nurseries, shops, sports rooms, waste containers (bins), hotels, dwellings, clinically non-sensitive areas of hospitals, and offices.

—  other industrial areas like packaging material, biotechnology (yeast, proteins, enzymes...), pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries, textiles, space industry, computer industry.

Using this document, it is possible to determine the undiluted product's bactericidal, yeasticidal, or fungicidal activity. As three concentrations are tested, in the active to non-active range, dilution of the product is required and, therefore, the product forms a homogeneous stable preparation in hard water.

EN 14885 specifies in detail the relationship of the various tests to one another and to use recommendations.

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